Online programming

I am offering online programming for anyone looking to increase their strength and performance. Programmes can be done for strongmen or women, powerlifters, other sports people or just people looking to get stronger in the gym.

I offer 2 options, option 1 is a full 8 week tailored programme with regular support, video review, a weekly programme sent to you, get added to our fb group which questions can be asked along with videos uploaded and critique from one of the trainers in the group, I am contactable for any questions and programme can be adjusted as we go to make it perfect for your needs. price for option 1 is £80 so just £10 per week.

Option 2 is less hands on, still get the 8 week tailored programme but you get the full programme on week 1 so no real adjustments through the programme. you still get access to the members fb group but no phone contact. the price of this is just £50.

If you are interested go to the contact me page on this site or contact via Facebook. @strongmanterryhollands 

I can design the programme to meet anyone’s needs so get in touch.