This is my new Blog, Im looking to post one up per week so if someone wants a subject covered get in touch and Ill try do something.

I will also look to put some blog posts up about my training sessions and life around those. Id like to try and be transparent about all I can within my life and strongman, Im sure many of the struggles Ive been through in my career many strongmen have been through the same and maybe I can use my experiences to help others out.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my blog and this is something I wanna continue to update.

Also please excuse my poor English, its never been a strong point


One thought on “About

  1. Flexibility and injury prevention

    Hi Terry,

    Obviously where you lift extremely heavy weights it must put extreme pressure on joints and muscles. Every now and again I get an injury and I believe in part it’s probably due to maybe my flexibility and stiffness.

    Is there certain exercises you do to increase flexibility, so you able to lift heavier weights?

    Also on injury prevention. Again lifting heavy weights, injury with inevitably occur at some point in your lifting life but what measures do you do to prevent injuries from happening (or preventing them from happening as little as possible)

    Thanks ever so much

    Kind Regards,



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