To bench or not to bench

This has always been a very hot topic in the strongman world. I have been on both sides of the fence during my career. In the early days for me I never believed having a big bench would benefit me as a strongman, I used the logic that when do you ever lay on your […]

Truck pull

I guess this is probably the event I’m best known for so makes sense for me to do a blog about it. This is an event which is a signature of wsm, although many would argue not always the best test of strength, let’s be honest it looks fucking cool pulling a truck. I have […]

The giant 1 arm dumbell press.

So with body power looming and same as last year I am running the strongman contest there, we have a giant 1 arm dumbell press as an event at this contest I thought I’d do a quick blog explaining my views on this event. I have never been the biggest presser in the world, far […]

Structure to your training

This is something I have always felt is essential for my personal progress. I am a very laid back relaxed guy and when it comes to every day life I’ve always been someone to take each day as it comes and not plan too much into the future, with my training it couldn’t be more […]

My comeback and deadlift programme

Well as many of you will know I am currently on the comeback trail after a short break from competing.  I had around 16 months off due to just needing a break to let my body recover, starting my business and also starting a family.  The break seems to have been something I needed as […]