Slow off the floor with Deadlifts

Many people have this issue when deadlifting and look for answers and ways they can fix it. Ill start with a common misconseption, deficit deadlifts will not help your speed off the floor. Often people look for an answer and think by making the bar lower it will make it feel easier when they go back to a normal height, When you have a weak spot in your deadlift a good way to train that is by putting the bar right in that spot, for me 14-15″ is my weak spot so I often train this height, by using a deficit deadlift what you are actually doing is making it so you already have the bar moving through your weak point, this in turn will actually train that area less. Some things that can actually help

  • trapbar deadlifts
  • front squats
  • safety bar squats
  • speed deadlifts from standard height

much of that initital pull comes from your quads so the trapbar deads and front squats are obvious choices, these are particularly effective if you are a tall lifter, the safety bar are great for people that struggle with front squats. I have had great carry over from these. the speed deadlifts are also a great addition, couple of things to take into mind though when doing speed deadlifts, dont let your form fall apart, this is often where people go wrong and end up hurting themsleves, speed deadlifts are also not about rushing through the reps, what you are looking to do is be fast on the upward part of the lift, lower the bar, reset yourself then pull again, there is no need to rush the set just concentrate on being explosive in the lift section of each rep. I also like to use bands when doing these as I feel they teach you to pull hard all the way through the movement which can also have a good benefit. I deadlifted 440kg back in 2011 and I hadnt pulled over 220kg + bands in over a month and for anyone that hasnt seen that lift here it is

as you can see the speed off the floor was great and my deadlift sessions were mainly doing speed work, front squats reasonably heavy for 3 sets of 5, hamstring curls and upper back work.

Obviously something that can be obvious as to why your speed is shit off the floor is your technique but obviously I cant see that and youd need to get a coach to review the lift to adjust that but these tips Ive given can be beneficial to many people that have this issue.

I hope this has been useful to some people and feel free to ask any questions.



2 thoughts on “Slow off the floor with Deadlifts

  1. Great post. Going to try this. I have only been deadlifting for 10 months got up to 240kg 5 months ago then had and 18inch deadlift to train for a comp. Trained nothing but that for 3 months leading up to the comp. Worst decision ever, my deadlift has never been the same and now my max is 225kg which sucks. Hopefully the advice from this blog will help.


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