Starting back after a break

This is something quite apt for me currently, although not a long break I haven’t trained since before wsm due to illness. So hardest thing often is getting going again and getting that motivation back to start pushing hard again. I’ve always been of the opinion that first week back you shouldn’t be looking to push weights at all or test your current maxes but to use the first week to prep yourself for your regular volume. I do this personally by working out what sort of volume I’ll be using in a programme pushing forward but reducing the weights quite a lot. Many people try to run before they can walk when entering back in the gym, that first week of DOMS can be fucking brutal as you very quickly lose that conditioning it takes to push hard, the positive to that is it comes back very quick. I drop all my percentages by around 10% personally and find this is an adequate drop to be able to get through all my sets and reps, if I’d had a long break I’d be looking more at 15%. After the first week it will certainly be easier and you can push that on. I wouldn’t be looking to enter a programme for 2-3 weeks as you need to prepare your body to be able to put the work in, if you go too quick you’ll be so screwed up after the first week the second week back will be a waste of time. 

I guess to summarise don’t try to run before you can walk, if you ease yourself back in gently you will reap the rewards quicker. If you walk out of the gym feeling like you’ve worked then the weight used can be enough, try not to walk out completely broken, sometimes less is more in the long run.


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