Dealing with disappointment 

Sometimes things don’t quite go as planned even though you feel like your training had been on point. I recently competed at wsm and it didn’t go exactly to plan and it was a bitter pill to swallow, I’d trained hard and well and felt like I could have been on for my best finish ever. When I got my group and events for wsm I felt like if I performed at my best making the final was expected and then with the events I had in the final it was a great chance to get back on the podium. Well for many of you you will know this didn’t work out like that and I missed out on the final for the first time since 2005. On paper my group was not the toughest but actually turned out to be extremely tough (guys in my group placed 2nd and 4th). With unknown guys in my group it was a worry as I didn’t know anything about them. 

Anyway. I got home from wsm and decided I have 2 options, wallow in self pity and give up or take some positive action to make myself better. I decided it was time for a complete shake up of everything I’ve done. I’ve always coached myself and got myself to a pretty good level for a very long time but when you do this you’re accountable to no one. I am my own worst enemy sometimes, I can design great programmes that many have had good success but when doing my own I don’t stick to it. I need someone to help keep me on track. I also have my new diet plan in place as it’s another area I can be quite slack with. I’ve basically just used it as a kick up the arse that I maybe needed, when you suffer a huge negative in life if you can turn it around into a positive and make steps to change. I knew coming back from wsm with a few tweaks I’d have been 5% better and knowing the guy who just pipped me came 4th and the events in final were VERY good for me there is no reason I couldn’t have achieved my goal had I made the final. It was very depressing for a few hours after the contest as I expect so much of myself but I gave myself a good telling off and thought “stop being a fucking pussy and make the changes you need to to be better” this is what I will do. I have got John Clark on board now to do my programming for me and I’m sure we’ll work well together along with seeking out 2 very good technical advisers who I hope will come on board, those alongside James Collier dealing with my nutrition and elliot Reid doing my treatments I feel ill have a great team around me. Onwards and upwards as they say.



4 thoughts on “Dealing with disappointment 

  1. you’re doing the right thing by getting a team of good people around you terry ,you can concentrate on your training and keeping healthy . I know we’ll see you back in the podium again .


  2. Excactly what we (your fans) wanted hear! It was disappointing but could always be worse (injuries etc!)
    So glad you have decided to use this as a platform to step up your training and you will progress! Your not over yet, not by a long shot. Played Terry, onwards and upwards pal


  3. I have always been a fan of yours due to your modest and humble nature in interviews. Keep it up Terry I hope the change works out for you. I was on your plane going into Dubai on the way to WSM. Star Struck haha. Poor bastard in those small seats.


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