Crossfit is great

Crossfit seems to stir up some pretty strong feelings amongst lifters and many have a real hatred toward it, I am actually on the other side of the fence for many reasons,

the most obvious one for me is that anyone that has ever tried to do a crossfit workout will confirm it is fucking hard and very physically demanding. No one can argue that a good crossfitter is not super human in fitness levels

2nd surely anything that gets people lifting is a good thing!!! I have noticed a very high increase in the amount of people taking interest in strongman/woman training because of our events being used in some crossfit events, it’s also giving people a greater understanding of what we do and personally have never had anything but respect for what we do from crossfitters.  I believe Olympic lifting has also seen similar increases so for us that compete in niche sports be greatful of the extra interest

3rd anyone that has actually looked into crossfit gyms will also see they put a lot of effort into mobility, recovery and flexibility, again this surely is only a positive?? I know many strongmen could learn a thing or two from the way crossfit look to encourage people to look after themselves

I know there is some bad videos floating around on YouTube of some horrible things being done at some crossfit gyms but….. have any of you watched a strongman comp???? We do things which are technically awful and huge injury risk to get that extra rep, it is no different for them, crossfit and strongman can actually be very similar sports where one has most of the emphasis on strength and power and the other with a lot of conditioning thrown in. Yes I will be first to admit I’ve seen some horrible coaching but no worse than the bioscience you see in gyms across the country on a regular basis, if you find a gym with a good coach you will be all good.

I guess to wrap this up, stop hating on them, many do it just to get fit and healthy and Imo people that are trying to do that should never be criticised and if you have knowledge to help them then do just that not tear them to pieces.


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