What are the events?

So as some of you may know I’ve had some involvement in organising many comps over the years and a recent trend that has arisen is people wanting to know every little detail about every event and bit of equipment being used. Much as I feel prepping for comps is a great thing to do I think everyone has gone mad with this. I used to do many champions leagues and when I used to ask what the events were the response I would get back is “strongman events” this okay is a little extreme but part of being a strongman is just turning up and being strong no matter what is thrown at you. Yes we should all know the events and a pretty good idea of what weights will be used but when you’re worrying about handle diameter I think you’re taking it too far. This blog is as much a plea with the athletes as it is a statement, STOP WORRYING SO MUCH AND JUST TURN UP AND DO YOUR BEST. As a sport and the people that do strongman/woman by nature we should wanna test ourselves, that is the point of the sport, if you don’t know what height the handles are for the farmers don’t worry, just turn up and test yourself against others. All the athletes turned up at world’s strongest man 2014 and we didn’t know what events we had and who was in our groups, we just prepared for every eventuality and that is exactly as the sport should be. I love that everyone is trying to prepare themselves as well as possible but please don’t not do comps or start complaining if the events are not perfect for you.

We are supposed to be strong in mind as well as our bodies so just see comps as a challenge, you may surprise yourself if you stop worrying about it so much and just enjoy it


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