To bench or not to bench

This has always been a very hot topic in the strongman world. I have been on both sides of the fence during my career. In the early days for me I never believed having a big bench would benefit me as a strongman, I used the logic that when do you ever lay on your back and press it in a strongman comp, I still partly agree with this, having a massive bench is not essential to being a good strongman but the name of the sport kind of gives away the idea of it. As a strongman you should be strong, I don’t believe just because an exact exercise doesn’t come up in comp it’s not worth training. I have found through looking back through old programmes that when my bench is strong so is my log press, I don’t think it’s a coincidence guys that are absolutely massive log pressers are also huge bench pressers. Since I came back I have found my overhead has come on quite a bit, I have put more effort into my close grip bench, floor press and doing a lot of bench with chains, okay they may not be strictly what many would consider a proper bench press but these variations have really helped me. I guess everyone is slightly different but if you could be a lot stronger in your triceps why would you not put some effort into that?

My opinion is it is something you should be incorporating into your training, maybe not with the emphasis a bodybuilder or powerlifter does but it definitely should be put into your training regime in some way or another.

Every muscle in your body should be strong so don’t neglect things just because you don’t perform that exact movement.


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