Truck pull

I guess this is probably the event I’m best known for so makes sense for me to do a blog about it.

This is an event which is a signature of wsm, although many would argue not always the best test of strength, let’s be honest it looks fucking cool pulling a truck. I have always been naturally good at this event for a couple of reasons, one is the obvious, I’m fucking heavy, not always the heaviest at wsm but near the top, the second I put down to my rugby background, as a rugby player you learn very quickly that so much of what you do is about body positions and the truck pull is no different, getting that body angle right is essential for fast times. Most pulls at wsm are done with a rope but a good way to gauge a good body angle would be your hands just about touch the floor when leaning forward. So here’s some pointers

1. I start with my hips slightly up so when that whistle goes I start driving them forward.

2. I get the rope so tight I can barely hang onto it, every rope has some spring so if you don’t get this tight enough when you pull you will just be taking slack. Also I’ve always been of the opinion if you pull that rope tight enough it will be trying to spring back so will be giving you a very slight aid as well.

3. I never just do one double footed pull, I do a big double footed pull, take a few quick steps forward and do another, if it’s a very heavy start I may even do 3 of these. Most truck pulls are win or lost in the first 5m

4. Get your calves very warm, these will be taking so much of the strain so make sure you warm them up good

5. Assess the course before you start, there will be slight up and down hill sections in most truck pulls so it is handy to know when these are just so you can attack hard before hitting uphill sections.

I’ve always believed that a truck pull is as much about arm and upper back strength as it is leg strength. I’ve always been very strong in the arms and upper back (some of you may have seen some vids of me doing pull ups at 30 stone) I put a lot of success down to this.

Something to remember that last 5m or so is gonna really fucking hurt but you’ve just gotta hang in there.


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