The giant 1 arm dumbell press.

So with body power looming and same as last year I am running the strongman contest there, we have a giant 1 arm dumbell press as an event at this contest I thought I’d do a quick blog explaining my views on this event.

I have never been the biggest presser in the world, far from it in fact, I would even say it’s the main thing that’s stopped me winning quite a few major shows. The dumbell is a little different, although my pressing has never been super strong my dumbell is actually pretty good, my pb is 126kg which may not be the very best but is very competitive.

First tip I have for this event is stop thinking of it as a press, this event is all about leg drive and catching it at lockout.

Second tip shoulder placement is key, you have to get the db on your shoulder so when you use the leg drive it doesn’t move at all, this will help you get maximum leg drive, you may be holding it above your head with 1 arm but you still have the power from both legs

Third tip really brace your core, if you are not completely rigid when doing the leg drive you will again lose some of your leg drive and not hit the really big weights

Fourth tip hold the handle slightly nearer to your head than away, easiest way to set this up is when the db is on the floor grab the handle slightly toward the front of the db. When you press overhead it will help you keep control of the db and not lose it inwards

Fifth tip this can be a crucial one that many don’t consider, once you have received the down signal from the ref don’t just let the db go so it bounces everywhere, use some control so it lands back between your legs again so you don’t have to chase after it, this can gain you extra time so in turn can get you an extra rep or two, it will also save energy so you don’t have to keep bring the db back into position

A good way to warm up and train for this event is behind the neck jerks, essentially the event is the same just obviously the db is with 1 arm and jerks with 2. The movement is the same and also will help you get used to using the legs more than trying to press it.

I hope this has been of use to someone and thanks for reading


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